Engine Drop-In Close!

The engine is almost ready to go!


I just have to gather a few more parts, assemble the transmission on engine then she gets dropped in!  Hopefully the first fire up will be a couple weeks after that.  So close!

Steering Rebuild

Well over the last few weeks I have been working on rebuilding the steering.  Several of the key components were in rough shape and needed some rebuilding.

The power steering control valve and slave cylinder were by far in the worst shape of the various parts.  When I recieved the car, the power steering was inoperative and hoses were hanging loose from the system.  Initial inspection shows these parts are in good shape, but I won’t know till I fire the car up their true status.

DSC_7976 DSC_7978

I tore down the power steering control valve to all of its pieces and I purchased a seal rebuild kit for the valve.  They have kits for more extensive rebuilding, but the mechanical parts looked to be pretty solid.  Once opened up, there were just a few pieces.


After a lot of scrubbing, cleaning, and boiling water dips I reassembled the valve in exacting order.  Note if you ever do this the direction of the groove on the valve spool!  It must go on the cap end.  I gave it a fresh paint job and good as new!


Next was the slave cylinder which for the most part cannot be rebuilt.  From what I could tell it was operating just fine, but I decided to replace the items I could replace, that being the boots and seals.  I had planned to just buy a whole new cylinder, but I figured if I could fix it for $20 and some time, it was worth the shot.  We will see if the effort pays off once I try to use it.  Overall the parts were easy to replace, trick was removing the 3 levels of seals on the main shaft.

After degreasing it and sanding it down to remove any surface rust I got it down to bare metal for priming and painting.


One of things I was recommended to do was to assembling the entire drag link with the control valve, idler arm, slave cylinder, and hoses on the work bench then install the entire unit.  So that is just what I did and it was cool to see the fully restored and rebuilt part all cleaned up on the bench.


Lastly everything installed into the car.  For the first time in over 3 years, the car can be steered with a steering wheel again instead of manual independent front steering.


I am waiting to do final torquing and cotter pins on the steering and suspension until the engine is in and the car has had some time to settle with the additional weight.

Now on to all of the misc prep items I have to do before I drop the engine in!  Getting close to the first fire up.


Front Suspension Complete

Well the front suspension is finally completed, took me a little longer than I wanted but between work and parts issues I didn’t have much time to work on it.  Not on to completing the steering restoration and install, then on to brake / fuel lines before we FINALLY drop the engine in.

She is coming along, slowly but surely!


Front End Progress

Well the last few weeks have been slow on progress as work and other personal obligations have kept me pretty busy, but at least some progress has been made.

First I went through and did some cleanup on the engine compartment.  There was a TON of over spray plus some very crappy paint work done by the first painter who got his hands on my car.  Once the suspension and steering were out, a lot of problem areas reared their ugly head.  I attacked everything with the wire brush, coated a lot of items with POR15 then top coated with rattle can Trim Black from SEM.  I had them use Trim Black for the engine compartment and under the car as it is very easy to spot touch up and match.

I also went through and dropped two cans of 3M rubberized coating on the back side of the fenders and the splash guards.  It gave me the sound deadening and rock protection I wanted, but its thickness was not nearly what I wanted.  Probably going to need a couple more cans of the stuff to really build it up.


Once that was all cleaned up I awaited my part order for all of my front suspension needs.  This is when I found out the previous owner replaced the suspension and front brakes with 68 parts, not 67.  This is not a big deal as there are only minor differences.  I ended up replacing a majority of the parts due to the fact that even though the previous owner replaced a lot of it, I didn’t trust what he did with it.  The ball joints had no grease in them, nothing was bolted together right, so most of it was trash.  The suspension is pretty much all new ( stock style parts ) with the exception of the springs, spindles, and strut bars.  Everything else is being replaced.

The last decision before putting things back was to determine color… I was torn between continuing on the flat black path or to give it something to make it pop a little when someone goes to look underneath.  On that I decided to go with painting all suspension and steering parts with aluminum paint.  I went through and scuffed everything up, painted it silver, and giving them a bake at 150 degrees for 20 mins before installing them.

Lastly before the install was going through and doing the 1 inch “Shelby Drop” on the UCA.  I won’t lie, drilling holes in my shock towers was a bit nerve racking.  Once that was done, started putting everything back in.  I have run into a few bumps, nothing major, but waiting on a handful of parts to allow me to finish it up, but at least making good progress.


Coming along nicely and love how the silver looks with the black undercarriage.  Hoping this weekend she will be back on her front two feet and will begin the task getting the power steering back in place.

Let The Work Begin!

Over the weekend I pulled the front suspension and what was left of the steering.  Not too many surprises but having to spend more on replacement parts than I had planned, but in the end I should have a very solid suspension and steering system.

Car guts spread across the garag


Nice and empty front end, it needs some serious paint touch up but that will be quick and easy to do.


Parts on order, itching to get them installed!

The Long Wait is Over

Well after a long 2 year, 1 month, and 1 week wait she is finally home from the body and paint shop.  I am beyond happy with how it came out and I am really looking forward to getting the project really going now.

47 48 49

I was hoping to get to work on her some this week but it has just been WAY too hot outside.  This weekend hoping to tear out what is left of the front suspension and steering, figure out my parts need list and get it all ordered next week!

Steering Column Rebuild

I decided to use some of my time this holiday weekend to start cleaning up and restoring some parts I will be putting into the car here soon.  I went through and painted the transmission and bell housing, along with some of the various steering and braking parts I have that are salvageable.  Once I got done with those I decided to make an attempt on the steering column.


As you can see it is nasty ugly mess that I didn’t think I would be able to salvage.  The signal hub was a mess along with tons of rust in the shaft, plus the zinc neck and hub were a pitted mess.  With spending a lot of time at the body shop with my car I have gotten a lot of tips from the painter and body guys, so I decided to put them to the test.

Here is the neck and hub before and after… Very happy with how it came out!  Will definitely post the full story on the steering column once it is complete.


Sealer on, wet sanding is progressing


Soooooo close!  Yesterday we finished sanding the car, making a few last fixes, then prepped for sealer.  The painter hit the car with two heavy coats of grey sealer then a dusting of black sealer to act as a guide coat.  Today when I got to the shop I started to wet sand / stick block the black primer off to reveal any problem spots.  I ended up only doing flat spots that I was comfortable doing, left the rest to the expert.

I had hoped to get the car home before the holiday weekend, but at this point I have waited 25 months to see color on the car, one more weekend won’t kill me.  Plus if it keeps the current painter as the one doing the car, all the better.  Absolutely love the work he is doing!  So now it is finish sanding and prep on Monday, with color coming Tuesday!  Cannot wait!